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10 Best Apps for Reading Books for Free on Android

Are you looking for the Best Apps for Reading Books for Free on Android? then you have arrived at the right place.The world has gone digital and technology has taken over. It has so much affected the world that printed books are now getting useless in some ways. You can now read books on your phone with ease. You can now read your favorite books online on your Smartphone and tablet. If reading is your hobby but you don’t have the time to read printed books. Your only option is to get your Smartphone and read it online or download the book. Reading on your phone makes it easier to carry the book wherever you want. You can read it in a bus, in the toilet or anywhere you can use your Smartphone.

The apps mentioned below will allow you to read any eBook online. These are 10 best apps for reading books for free on android. Students can make use of these apps, as well as doctors, bankers and many other professions. This is the digital age and everyone is getting some sort of digital knowledge one way or another. It is easy to use these android eBook readers to read any digital book. There are so many books to read but so little time and space. This invention has made everything easier for everyone and we can now start reading books on our phone for free.

Another amazing thing about these apps is that you don’t need to read books alone, you can also sync it to continue from the page you stopped last time. You can also highlight important points and keep notes. These apps are free to download and easy to use. You can also share your activity across social networks like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. All you need is a smartphone and the digital book you want to read. The most widely accepted format is PDF which almost every eBook reader can identify.

Below are the 10 best apps for reading books for free on android

  1. Kindle: This is considered as the most widely used app for reading books on android. It is available on google play for everyone. This is one of the many inventions of amazon and has grown to be the best mobile app for reading eBooks on your smartphone. The story behind this invention is an amazing one. In 2004, Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon instructed his employees to build an eBook reader that will take the world by storm. They wanted it to be the best eBook reader in the world and they achieved it. It is rated as the best eBook reader in then world among hundreds of competition. This app is not just an eBook reader, this is also an app that allows you to buy and download eBooks from the kindle store.This app offers you a wide range of magazines, comics, and eBooks to choose from. It is available for android and iOS devices. Like those features are not enough, this app also allows you to check a word in the built-in dictionary while reading. There is no eBook reader for android that meets this particular one. You can download it directly to your device from google play.
  2. Aldiko Book Reader: Aldiko is one of the oldest eBooks on the android platform and also one of the most popular app for reading eBooks on your android phone. This is one of the best alternatives for any PDF reader on the internet. Aldiko grants you the option to change font size to any size you wish. You also have the opportunity to change the font type and color too. This app has been designed to create the best environment for reading books on your phone.
  3. Cool Reader: Cool reader is one of the 10 best apps for reading books for free on android. This app supports so many eBook formats including epub format. This app has some cool features like an in-built browser, text-to-speech output and some settings customization as well. You can also set it to display in day and night mode to make reading easier at any time of the day without having to strain your eyes. You also have the option to bookmark a page and search the web for a word or fact you read on an without quitting the app. This app is also available on playstore for free. This app also provides important info on percentage read, page count and a,mount of chapters to read. It also supports a wide variety of eBook formats like ePub, fb2, html, rtf, txt and so on.
  4. Nook: Nook is an amazing eBook reading app. The app has a large collection of books for you to choose from.  This app has millions of eBooks, magazines, comics and children books also. You can also customize the app to suit your reading experience. This app also offers you the option to synchronize your bookmarks, notes and last read across many devices.
  5. Wattpad: Almost everyone is familiar with this particular platform. This is more than an app, this is like a social network where people post their books and other people across the world. You can also comment on stories and eBooks. This gives you access to over 20 million eBooks across the whole world and allows you to connect with your writers and people who have the same interest as you do. This app also allows you to write your own eBook writing app. People can also read your eBooks and connect with you through this platform. The app is available for download on google play.
  6. Mantano Ebook Reader: This is a freemium app (you can read free and paid eBooks on the app). This app has a good look and the user interface is very nice. It makes it easy to navigate through your favorite books. There is a small status bar at the bottom right which allows you to manage your books easily. One unique feature this app has is that it allows you to sync your books with the mantano cloud. You can also sort your books by category and import books with just a simple click.
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