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Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2018

best laptops for graphic design

Here are the top 5 best laptops for Graphic Design in 2018

Are you an aspiring graphic designer and would love to get the best laptop for your graphic design skill? Or your personal computer (PC) is very slow, just like mine and doesn’t load faster to suit your taste.

It’s hell using a 2GB RAM PC for graphic design. No doubt people like you would love to see laptops that are good for graphic designs. Today, I’ll be sharing with you 5 awesome laptops for graphic designs 2018.

Why should you consider these laptops?

Almost every small and medium-scale business requires the services of a graphic designer, no matter the industry.

Individuals all over the world especially the United States and Nigeria are learning how to be a graphic designer to make money of their own and be financially buoyant.

If not professionally, graphic design students and freelance graphic designers are getting in on the game as they now get more jobs than they usually get 5 years back.

Most Graphic designers will tell you, Graphic design is a fantastic skill, or should I say job – if ‘job’ is the right word – and there is real money. Now you shouldn’t tell me you wouldn’t want to get recommended laptops for graphic design when you’ve started making lots of money and being referred to people for jobs.

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best graphic design laptop

What To consider when buying a Laptop For Graphic Design

1. Screen
This is very imperative as you’ll be staring into the face of your laptop for long hours when designing a project. So it will be very good of you to consider a screen size of 12.5 inches or more.

2. Size
This kinda matters and it will be very good of you as a graphic artist to get a very big laptop for office use and a small one which you can take along with you anywhere if there’s a call to finish a project and submit.

3. CPU and RAM
Checking the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is very important as this is what will tell if your laptop will perform excellent well for the job you are doing. Intel chipsets are the commonest these days, and you should not go for anything lesser than a Core i3.

According to NaijaTechGuide, “For heavier work, you could consider the Core i5 options. If you are willing to break out the big bucks, and there is a need for it, Core i7 has all it takes to satisfy you.”

Concerning the RAM of your laptop, I don’t want to say anything rather than getting a PC with a RAM of 4GB (GigaByte).
Anything less than that will make your PC very slow. You would not want to load a corel draw or Adobe Photoshop and go cook noodles before it finally gets running, would you

Now let us look at the best laptops for graphic designs in 2018:

The Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2018:

1. Apple MacBook Pro – Still the best laptop a designer can choose
2. Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Microsoft’s attempt to best the MacBook Pro, comes very close
3. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 – A return to form for Dell: Powerful, compact and good-looking
4. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen – Feature-packed, but lacking storage
5. Lenovo Yoga 920 – Extremely portable with a unique design makes it a good outside bet
6. HP Spectre x360 15 – A great choice, but fails to really knock our socks off
Click here to read more reviews about this laptop and also purchase any of this graphic design laptop.

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Choosing A Laptop(s) For Graphic Design 2018

Meanwhile, you can check out Dell Gaming Laptop here to see if it qualify to be your next graphic design laptop.

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