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Fun Hackathon Ideas

hackathon ideas

Are you surfing the net is search of fun hackathon ideas? Have you been trying to brainstorm fun hackathon ideas that would become an amazing product and service delivery?

Well, you have come to the right place. Hackathons are growing into a very positive trend in the modern tech community. Before we examine some of our fun Hackathon ideas, let’s look at some tips for building a strong brand.

What is a Hackathon? – Fun Hackathon Ideas

A Hackathon is an event that brings together tech related creative minds like software developers, graphic designers etc, to identify issues and create software solutions.Hackathons go way back to the 1990s.

During hackathon events, people meetup to discuss together and solve different real life problems. You could find Hackathons that have a theme assigned and you have other ones where there are no themes

Tips for selecting strong and fun hackathon ideas

1.) Have a personal connection with the problem you wish to solve

When building a product or working on an idea, You are more likely to build a product that will be useful if you personalize the project. It’s very likely that such a product will be found useful by others who wish for a solution to the same problem you face.

Based on a research I have made about business empires that stand out globally, most of them began from a point were the founder wanted to solve a pressing issue. Their drive to fill a gap in the market enabled them create high standard and reputable brands. In summary, building an hack to a problem that you can relate with, will be a good foundation to lay.

2.) Research and validate your idea

Take inputs from teammates, companies, and mentors to see if your product is likely to solve their problem. A hackathon can be a very good sand box for validating your fun Hackathon ideas. You can adequately collect honest feedback to know if you are on the right track with the Hackathon platform.

3.) Study Your target audience

Delivering to people what they want, is very essential as user a more likely to use and spread the word about your product. You must be ready to invest your time and energy in effectively studying the audience you with to direct your product to.

List of some fun Hackathon ideas

In this section, we will be highlighting some simple but fun hackathon ideas that could really go a long way in solving real life pressing issues in the modern day society.These ideas may seem too simple, but if they are given them thought, they can lead to something innovative.

Environmental ideas

You could innovate an idea that brings the country closer to its foal of being eco-friendly. You may build a platform, forum or app that lets people know how to recycle waste products.

Navigation ideas

As the society continues to grow and become more complicated, a tool with maps and accurate directions can make our lives easier. Since people have their own favorite places to visit, have them design a tool that helps students get where they need.

Eradicating Cyberbullying

The issue of cyber bullying has become one of great concern. You can think off ways that can use technology to combat cyberbullying.

You could launch an handy man service

There are Alot of people who want things done in the quickest time possible but cannot do it themselves. These people are willing to pay others do these tasks for them. You can connect these two groups of people and devices a means to profit as a middle man.

Utilizing the power of Blockchain

In your quest of discovering fun hackathon ideas and creating sustainable solutions, consider powering up your ideas with the amazing potentially of the blockchain network. Dapps(decentralized applications) are beginning to establish themselves as innovative internet sensations. You can go In that direction.

Benefits of participating in Hackathons – fun hackathon ideas

You have serious fun!

Combine with the thrill of the lively atmosphere, you have fun building new things . Trust me, feeling is quite rewarding. You gain the respect of others for a job well done and you participate in the advancement of technology.

Corporate Branding and exposure

Associating your business with Hackathon and participating in Hackathon is an efficient way to spread the word about your company and the services it offers.

Grow your network

A Hackathon is a great opportunity to get to know others that have the same interests as you and that care about the same technologies. Basically it’s a place where you get the chance to work and collaborate on projects with like minded people. You also get to meet individuals with other fun hackathon ideas.

Increase your experience while having fun!

Hackathons increase your knowledge and help you gain team work experience. It helps you showcase your personality, helping you proof that you are a person that takes initiative, seeking to have a deeper knowledge and that enjoys challenges.

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