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How To Get 4G Settings In Airtel

how to get 4g settings in airtel

Here’s how to get 4G settings in Airtel

Airtel, one of the biggest telecommunication company in Africa has recently launched its 4G services not quite too long but it is only limited to some latest devices alone and not available for all mobile phones.

However, the Airtel communication company has stepped up a bit to be more smarter as they launched their 4G services in Nigeria so as to enable customers to start using 4G services on their mobile phones and other compatible devices across Africa.

If you are using iPhone, there was an update rolled out for Airtel iPhone users to get the new 4G LTE capabilities on the device. You can also use other devices which are compatible with LTE standards used by Airtel.

So in case you are using Airtel 4G, here are the Airtel 4G APN settings to get started.

Airtel 4G APN Settings

The settings below shows exactly how you can get 4G settings in Airtel. See procedures:

  1. Open the phone Settings
  2. Click Wireless and networks
  3. Click Mobile Networks
  4. Select Access Point Names.
  5. Tap the three dots at the bottom right and select New APN
Serverleave it blank
MMS Proxy100.1.201.172
MMS Port8799
Authentication typenot set
APN Typeinternet + mms

That is all I know about how to get 4G settings in Airtel and I am sure you can now activate 4G in Airtel using SMS using the quick guide below:
– To change the SIM, you need to send the 20-digit number at the back of the new card to 121 prefixing SIM and that’s all.

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Happy Browsing using Airtel 4G!

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