Top Five Best Smartwatches 2019 You Can Buy

samsung galaxy smartwatch

Once upon a time, the idea of watches that could act as phones seemed impossible to get. In those days, people were more concerned about analogue and digital watches. Well, fast forward few years later, the world is filled with watches that can make phone calls and receive things via Bluetooth. The effect of technology can be felt across the world and not many people want to miss out on the latest tech trends. There are some who want to know the best smartwatches in the world so they can follow the latest on tech trends and not feel left behind.

There are many companies that have ventured into the manufacturing of smartwatches and many of them are really going well with the invention. Samsung is considered to be one of the finest makers of  smartwaches in the world along with apple and some others. Everyone has different tastes, some love design while some take quality more serious. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best smart watches in the world with cool design and some with very good quality. Sometimes, there are watches with sleek design but bad quality while there are some with good quality but they are not attractive. However, some manufacturers have taken their time to create the best design and high quality watches for their customers.

Meanwhile, there are also some people reading this post with no idea of what a smartwatch is. We will briefly explain a thing or two about smartwaches. These are the basic things you should know about smart watches and how they work. You must have heard about smart watch from a friend or a advert or from a social media page. This must have prompted you to search for some of the best smart watches in the world.

What is a smartwatch?

Obviously, a smart watch is a kind of wristwatch, but it is a little bit sophisticated than the normal wristwatches you see on the streets. Smartwatch is a different kind of wristwatch which can perform some tasks normal wristwatches cannot perform. A smartwatch is used for different purposes and serves more complicated functions than just telling time and date. A smartwatch is actually more of a mobile phone than it is a watch.

It is usually worn on the wrist and that is why they call it a smartwatch but it is a touch screen device that can be used to make phone calls and receive texts. They have so many uses and function just like a smartphone but they are smaller and may not be able to perform certain functions that smartphones can perform. A lot of people use smart watches for different purposes especially people who don’t have enough time to be taking their phones and who are always on the move. They prefer to have their phones beside them always therefore they opt for smart watches instead.

What is a smartwatch used for?

It may actually surprise you to know that smartwatch has many uses. Unlike your regular and “everyday’s” watch,  they can be used for different purposes in different ways. Overtime, they have become one of the most useful assets one can acquire and many businessmen have leveraged the use of smart watches. Here are some of the uses of a smart watch:

  • Receive notifications: Smart watches can also be used to receive notifications from your apps and social media accounts. They alert you on the events that are important to you. Some devices can be connected to a smart phone and replicate the phone’s notification. Some other devices can also display from your the smart watch itself instead of creating a mirror image of your phone’s notification.
  • Apps: Some apps can also be managed on the smart watch and be used to automate whatever you want. There are smart watches which are specifically made to serve a particular purpose. There are some that are designated for driving, hiking and some other outdoor activities. These smart watches come with in-built apps that are made for only these purposes.
  • Voice recognition: Some of the smart watches made today also have voice recognition technology which helps any user make small actions with only their speech. You can also take and make calls with the smart watch. You can also use it to answer message s by voice alone.
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Like we have mentioned earlier, there are different manufacturers of these smart watches and all of them are really good in their respective types. Also, there are different types of smart watches and they are:

Apple: When you see that apple logo on an y device, you know it is going to be a luxury you might almost not be able to afford. This is one feature that makes apple standout from any other company in the world. Apple watches are made by apple and have one of the best features in the world any smart watch can ever have.

Tizen watches: This is a smart watch series made by Samsung and is considered as one of the best brand of smart watches on the entire planet.

Wear OS: This one uses the android operating system and is sold by many vendors across the world. These mare made by different companies who are involved in the production of smart watches. Unlike apple and samsung, these watches are usually made with a general OS. Apple has their own OS which their smart watch work with. Samsung also has their own OS.

Below are some of our selected best smart watches 2019 and their specifications. These watches have been selected based on their review on the amazon website and some other eCommerce stores. They are some of the most purchased smartwatches in the world due to their quality and uniqueness.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

There has been heated argument on the internet over who is better between samsung and apple in making smartphones. Samsungs seems to have lost their argument but there is one they have managed to perform better than iPhone and that is in the making of Smartwatches. Samsung smartwatches are the best in the world. they have a lot of cool features and specifications. It runs on Tizen OS, has a 4GB storage, works with android and iOS. It also has a bluetooth connectivity and LTE with WiFi. Samsung has made this watch to be better than other watches done before it. This watch is better than the gear 4 and gear 3 watch which were made before them. This watch has proven to be the best considering the specs other watches posses and we can agree that samsung beats iOS in this aspect.

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  • Better battery life
  • Rotating bezel has proven to be very useful


  • The charger is not good

2. Apple watch 4

Apple is well known for their luxurious products. This apple watch 4 is proven to be the best ever made by apple. It has a fully packed storage of 16GB, but is only iOS compatible. Like that is not enough, apple made this watch to have a wireless charging feature and water resistant. It is the second best watch you can buy right now with your money and not regret. This watch has amazing specs and features that every other smartwatch will envy. If there is another apple is well known for, it is the fact that they sell expensive products and not everyone can afford them.


  • Lightweight
  • Large display


  • Bad battery life
  • Very expensive

3. Fossil Sport

You might not have heard a about this one, but fossil is really col and very affordable. It has earned himself a spot on our list of best smartwatches in 2019. This watch is compatible with android and iOS, 4GB storage and battery that can last for 2 days. It is bluetooth enables with WiFi and GPS. Like the name implies, this watch is better for sport and helps you keep track of your location wherever you are. Many hikers and cyclists love to use this watch for their daily activities.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast processor


  • Slow GPS

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

This is another off-the-hook invention by samsung. This samsung galaxy watch active is affordable and can be used for many purposes. This watch has 4GB worth of storage space, wifi and bluetooth, fast processor and a sleek design. This is a smaller version of the samsung galaxy watch and it has proven useful for many people who prefer smaller watches. The size does not affect the efficiency of the watch in an y form and it is affordable.


  • Affordable
  • Beautiful design


  • No LTE

So there you have it. Our list of best smartwatches in 2019 that you can easily purchase online. Pick your favorite according to your budget and the kind of design you like. If you prefer the apple smartwatch, then you must be prepared to spend more. It is important that you follow your budget before buying any of the smartwatches listed above. They have been selected based on users reviews and specs and we think they will do well for you too.

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