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Case Study : Why Developers Love Black Themes on IDE

why do programmers use black background

Find out why programmers uses black background theme on IDE

This particular case has been debated for a long time in the internet world; Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Quora. e.t.c, But Are you ready to find the truth? Read On.


There are many reasons behind this best known to many of them but we’re going to be talking about the top common reasons.

1. Helps eye to concentrate well: dark theme helps the eye to keep better concentration on a screen, who doesn’t know that black seduces ?, It helps eye maintain focus on the monitor and with that, Developers Productivity Increases. Because They are focused.

2. Helps The Brain Pay attention to the screen: Just like in the previous point, I don’t just help your eye concentrate, The brain also pays attention, With black ides, Some Developers tends to become more efficient.

3. The Vibe: This is the main influencer on developers, When Developers Work on Dark themes, it makes them feels great, the feeling gears their body more to coding and developing, They got the real feeling of developers, Some feel like hackers, Some feel more professional And some feel engaged; as a lot of developers use this dark ide, So using it will make you feel much more like one you really are 😀.

Dark themes are awesome, They are this, They are that !!!!, C’mon, We should check out it demerits, Demerits? , Of course, it has demerits and a lot of disadvantage and among them are:-

1. Causes Eye Strain and Damage: Take a look back at the first point made at *why Developers love dark themes on ides*, it reads ” Helps eye to concentrate well ” , Well ; That’s a good point, but by the eye concentrating much longer on the monitor results to eye strain and this is bad for the eye health.

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2. The difficulty of programming developing in dark environments:- Dark themes on ides means dark monitor or screen, hope you get what I meant by that, if you’re in a place dark and you’re not that familiar with the keyboard, with dark themes, am afraid you won’t be able to work. Although this demerit can be overlooked but note that it still counts.

While You enjoy your dark theme In your ide, always try to remember the negative effect of this.

My opinion will be not to get too addicted to that black theme, Try light themes too, it has some advantages😀.

Have a nice day, Sharing these will also Gimme a nice day, so Make sure you do.

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bishop November 19, 2018 at 4:07 pm

programmers love calm and cool place.
and dark UI makes it comfortable to focus.

thoughtful article here.
nice one


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